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Experience Relief from Dry Eyes 

Are your eyes feeling dry, scratchy, or uncomfortable? If so, it could be a sign that you have dry eye disease. 

Dry eye disease is a common eye condition that occurs when your eyes don’t produce enough high quality tears to keep your eyes moist. At DeWitt Eyecare, we have the technologies, treatments, and expertise to help you find relief from dry eye symptoms.

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What is Dry Eye Disease?

Your eyes need tears to keep your eyes moist, properly nourished, and seeing well. While you may think that tears are just a clear liquid, they’re actually made of a specific combination of 3 layers: an oily layer, a watery layer, and a mucous layer. Your tears need enough of each of these layers to properly lubricate your eyes, defend your eyes from irritants, and protect your immune system.

The Two Types of Dry Eye Disease

If there’s an issue with any of the layers within your tears it can lead to 2 different types of dry eye disease.

Evaporative dry eye is the most common form of dry eye disease. It occurs when there is an issue with the oily layer in your tears. This can sometimes be a result of meibomian gland dysfunction.
If your tears have an insufficient oily layer, your tears may evaporate too quickly, which can dry your eyes out.

Aqueous deficient dry eye occurs when the lacrimal glands in your eyes don’t produce enough of the aqueous layer in your tears. This layer is responsible for keeping your eyes lubricated, clean, and healthy.

If your tears lack a proper aqueous layer, it means your eyes simply won’t have enough tears to supply your eyes with the moisture they need to work properly.

Dry Eye Therapies at DeWitt Eyecare 

Our team at DeWitt Eyecare is here to help you experience relief from the bothersome symptoms caused by dry eye disease. We use a variety of treatments so you can find comfort no matter what your vision needs are.

We offer a variety of non-prescription lubricants, eye drops, and ointments to treat your dry eye symptoms.

Traditional eye drops, or artificial tears, are a simple way to add moisture back into your eye. For longer-term relief we may suggest using an ointment or a gel, because they tend to stay in the eye longer.

Nutraceuticals are a type of supplement that can prevent future instances of dry eye while providing relief from any symptoms you may be presently experiencing.

Depending on your vision needs, the type of dry eye you’re suffering from, and your symptoms, we may recommend any of the following supplements:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin B12
  • Omega-3

If your eye doctor has determined that your dry eyes are caused by inflammation, anti-inflammatory eye drops may be the best option to restore the function of your tears to a healthy level.

Anti-inflammatory eye drops can help decrease inflammation which, in turn, can increase your tear production, treating your dry eye symptoms.

At DeWitt Eyecare, we’re prepared to treat even the most difficult cases of dry eye disease. In some cases, dry eyes can occur as a result of damage to the front surface of the eye. In this case, we can use amniotic membranes to treat your symptoms and bring you relief.

Amniotic membranes are a newly engineered treatment and are placed directly on the front of the eye, providing the nourishment and protection your eyes need.

Get the Help You Need

At DeWitt Eyecare, we want to help you experience better vision and eye health! When you come in for an eye exam, we will assess your eyes and build a custom treatment plan so you can finally say goodbye to dry eyes.

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